Drive into the Clouds with us as a Cloud Engineer!

Stockholm EA Autonomous Systems Apply before: 2021-09-26


We are moving towards a more globalized and digital future, which means that operations will have bigger focus on sustainability, flexibility, and mobility. As new challenges enter we need to tackle them in the best way possible. We believe in continuous development for the individual, team, and Scania as an organization. We value competence development highly and at Scania, you have great career opportunities.

At Scania, we are happy to work with an agile way of working where the individual is allowed to influence one's duties to a large extent, giving freedom and greater responsibility.
Something that permeates  he business is the work of programming in teams – Mob programming or pair programming which keeps the creativity, competence development, and team spirit alive.

So how are we using cloud in our everyday work? 

Connectivity in general is all about Data. Data in large volumes in a flexible and usable way is a key success factor for organizations that want to survive the digital shift. Scania today has over 600.000 (and counting) vehicles and other products connected online. 

We all know the amount of data is increasing and that is why we early adopted cloud services to deal with the amount. Cloud-first – Our strategy because we know that by utilizing new technology, we become an even more powerful force to create real change. For this we need …. 


What do you want to do?  

Depending on the group your skill set matches the best and your own interest, you can work with Cloud in different settings such as:   

  • cloud services coordinating fleets consisting of autonomous vehicles. 
  • providing maps to the Cloud Environment used by Scania’s autonomous vehicle 
  • providing capability for our user interface, ICE (Intelligent Control Environment) 
  • cloud-based logging of data from sensors in the vehicle (e.g. camera, radar, lidar) 

And work with tasks such as developing, modifying, and improving AWS infrastructure solutions, improving infrastructure operations through better use of monitoring, cloud coding and scripting best practices, understanding the structure and security of cloud, develop a central and prioritized part of the connectivity platform -the connection between vehicle and cloud etc.  


If you’re interested in working with cloud solutions at Scania – let us know! 

This is an open advertisement, where we will match your profile to current needs and groups within Scania Research & Development (R&D). 

We will review your application within a week and interviews will be held continuously. Don´t wait till tomorrow – apply today! The very last day is September 26th