Senior fullstack developer

Stockholm EA Autonomous Systems Apply before: 2021-09-26

We are moving towards a more globalized and digital future, which means that operations will have a bigger focus on sustainability, flexibility and mobility. As new challenges enter we need to tackle it in the best way possible. We believe in continuous development for the individual, team and Scania as an organization. We value competence development highly and at Scania, you have great career opportunities. 

At Scania, we are happy to work with an agile way of working where the individual oneself is allowed to influence one's duties to a large extent, which gives freedom and greater responsibility. Something that permeates the business is the work of programming in teams – Mob programming or pair programming which keeps the creativity, competence development and team spirit alive. 


You get to do this  

Develop front-end and back-end applications. You will be part of architectural discussions, design and development of full-stack applications. Here are some examples of what you can contribute to: 

  • planning operations with autonomous vehicles by developing tools that help the Fleet Control Manager at the customer to optimize their transport plans. 
  • providing maps to the Cloud Environment used by Scania’s autonomous vehicle 
  • creating on-prem and cloud-based logging of data from sensors in the vehicle (e.g. camera, radar, lidar), which is used for assessing the algorithms and autonomous software 
  • building Scania ICE (Intelligent Control Environment) which is our fleet management system for autonomous vehicles.

What we need from you   

A senior developer that loves solving tricky problems and is not afraid of trying new ways. You put forward your arguments and find the best and modern solutions together with the team.  


If you’re interested in working with full stack applications at Scania – let us know! 

This is an open advertisement, where we will match your profile to current needs and groups within Scania Research & Development (R&D).

We will review your application within a week and interviews will be held continuously. Don´t wait till tomorrow – apply today! The very last day is September 26th